Beyond outreach community events, we are working toward a goal of poverty alleviation.  We are implementing a plan to train and prepare our inmates and fellow citizens in need with job training and soft skills that are required to keep a job and to care for their families.  We are also trying to combine all our county's service organizations with one central number that will help those in need through cooperation.  This will both help fulfill needs and promote accountability.


Meeting Needs

Accountability is accomplished by requiring the one receiving financial help to "repay" their debt in service to the community or through life skills classes.  As we renovate our building, construction skills will be taught alongside Living Free classes.  In time, we will add cooking and other service oriented skills.  Our ultimate goal is to prepare these individuals for the workforce.



Living Free classes focus on our county's neediest areas.  We currently teach Insight into addiction, 12 Step Drug and Alcohol program, Parenting, Marriage, Domestic Abuse and Finance.  As more volunteers are trained, we hope local bodies of Christ will offer other classes so we can refer to churches and set up accountability.  Please see class schedule page.


Want to know more?  Stop by the building (370 E Broadway) or attend an Insight Class.